PRESS RELEASE – Initiative for a successful first step in education –

As part of its regular program activities implemented by OKZ Romanipen in support of the education of Roma children at an early age, today we organized distribution of school supplies, school bags and school books for preparatory preschool program in the premises of the Red Cross for the 10th time, for 83 children of Roma […]


REYNS Network – Final Conference

In the framework of this year’s Education Summit in Sumadija fair in Kragujevac, on 20th April 2017, the Final Conference of the Supporting Network of Roma Children of the Early Age in Serbia-REYNS was held, where the results and relational activities of the members of the network were presented. Prof. Dr. Nedeljko Manojlović, in front […]


Local initiative to support the education of children from vulnerable social groups

Within the framework of the Support Network for Roma Children of the Early Age in Serbia-REYNS in March 2017 in five different cities in Serbia, a number of meetings with relevant actors of advocacy and implementation of local education policies, primarily those related to pre-school and children of early age, were realized. In Kragujevac, Krusevac, […]


In meeting the project “Inclusive Preschool Education and Education in Serbia”

The Roma Supporting Network of Early Age in Serbia (REYNS) launched an initiative at the Local level with the aim of informing all relevant actors in the field of early development in Kragujevac on launching a major national project of preschool education and education reform entitled “Inclusive Preschool Education and Education in Serbia” – “ECEC […]


Study visit of REYN Ukraine to the Republic of Serbia

Within the Study Visit of the Supporting Network for Early Childhood Roma – REYN of Ukraine, Republic of Serbia, which lasted from 04 to 08 December 2016, a series of activities were held which allowed for a variety of experiences from the work of institutions, organizations and individuals in the field of early development of […]


Invitation to apply for training “REYNS – site editing, creating blogs and forums”

The Association of Educational Assistants of Serbia organizes a one-day training for members of “REYNS – editing of the site, creating blogs and forums” that will be held in Regional Center for Professional Development of Education Employees in Nis, on Saturday, July 2, 2016 starting at 9 am, and Regional Center for Professional Development of […]


Kick off conference

Kick off conference The network of support for Roma children of the early age in Serbia-REYNS March, 22 2016. in the premises of the Media  Center in Belgrade a kick off conference was held in order  to inform the wider public of international, national and local stakeholders as well as potential members of the national […]

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Become a member of REYNS

We invite all interested individuals working with children and families from the Roma community to join the Roma Support Network of Early Age in Serbia (REYNS) Activists from Roma and other associations Experts from preschool institutions and elementary schools: pedagogues, pedagogical assistants, teachers, psychologists, educators, nurses … Professionals from social welfare institutions: social workers, expert […]


What is REYN Serbia?

REYN Serbia is a network that contributes to a better and more equitable position of Roma children. Thanks to the application of the latest knowledge in the field of early development. We insist that all children have the right to equal access to quality upbringing and education, and we believe that individuals and institutions are […]


Goals of REYNS:

Raising the quality of services (educational, health, social) that affect the development of children Creating opportunities for professional development and exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of early childhood development through seminars, workshops, conferences, online library  Improving cooperation between the Roma community, professionals working with Roma children and policymakers Advocating the rights […]