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The network of support for Roma children of the early age in Serbia REYNS brings together experts, activists and all interested individuals in a community that is learning and contributing to providing support to development and learning, Roma children of the early age in the Republic of Serbia.

REYNS is founded and developed in cooperation between the Association of Pedagogical Assistants of Serbia, the CIP Center for Interactive Pedagogy, the Association of Citizens “Friendship Hand”, supported by the Foundation for an Open Society, London and the Open Society Foundations, Serbia.

REYNS is part of the international network The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) supported by the International Step by Step Association and the Open Society Foundations, London.

REYN Serbia is a network that contributes to a better and more equitable position of Roma children, thanks to the application of the latest knowledge in the field of early development.

We insist that all children have the right to equal access to quality upbringing and education, and we believe that individuals and institutions are responsible for this.

The REYNS focus is on improving competence of its members, as well as recognizing the importance of their work. We want to contribute to the creation of a stimulating environment in which Roma children will be able to fully develop their capacities and become equal members of the community.

We want REYNS to become a significant factor in improving the early development of Roma children, as well as promoting respect for diversity and fairness.

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