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REYNS Network – Final Conference

REYNS Network – Final Conference

In the framework of this year’s Education Summit in Sumadija fair in Kragujevac, on 20th April 2017, the Final Conference of the Supporting Network of Roma Children of the Early Age in Serbia-REYNS was held, where the results and relational activities of the members of the network were presented. Prof. Dr. Nedeljko Manojlović, in front of the City Administration of the City of Kragujevac, greeted  the participants.

About the plans for the next phase of the project implementation spoke the national coordinator of the REYNS network in Serbia, Božidar Nikolić, as well as associates gathered around the network Ajša Alić from Niš, Stanka Janković  from the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization -EHO from Novi Sad and Turkijan Redžepi -Roma World Production, who announced the start of Campaign “GIVE FIVE FOR YOUNGER THEN FIVE” emphasizing the importance of investing in early development and creating the conditions for a more equal position of Roma children in the education system at an early age.

The network of support for Roma children of the early age in Serbia-REYNS offers opportunities for professional development, strengthening professional competences of all interested actors in the field of child education and education, social and educational inclusion in Serbia, and through a very important advocacy component of the project it is possible to establish and strengthen the cooperation of all relevant Actors in creating, adopting and implementing educational policies at both the local and national levels.

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