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REYN Croatia study visit to the Republic of Serbia

From  October  18-21. 2015, a study visit of representatives of national and local institutions from the Republic of Serbia was organized. Among the participants were representatives of elementary schools, pre-school institutions, civil society organizations working in the field of education promotion, as well as representatives of members of the network of support for Roma children from REYN from both countries. The goal is to exchange experiences and examples of good inclusive practices. This event represents a joint activity of two national support networks for Roma children from REYN Croatia and REYN Serbia with the aim of exchanging good program initiatives and developing ideas of mutual regional co-operation.

Roundtable: “Local Policies in the Field of Educational and Social Inclusion of Roma Experiences and Examples of Good Educational Practice and Intersectoral Co-operation in Early Development Programs” in Kragujevac began a study visit with the participation of representatives of relevant institutions at the level of the City of Kragujevac. To the satisfaction of the actors promoting the education of Roma from both countries, shared experience and examples of good practice and found that there is still room to support Roma children in contributing to the development of society in general.

After visiting Kragujevac, representatives of the Local and National Institutions of Croatia continued their visit to Belgrade and then to Subotica, where they supported the Association of Pedagogic Assistants, the CIP Center for Interactive Pedagogy from Belgrade and the Roma Educational Center from Subotica, exchanging experiences in working on early development programs.

Given the fact that education for all people and for Roma is a way of social intercourse, social status and economic independence, the topic we are discussing justifies the wishes and goals of the Support Network for Roma children from Croatia and Serbia. Only through joint efforts, developing new ideas of mutual regional cooperation, we can provide adequate support and curriculum education for Roma children of all ages.

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