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Study visit in Croatia


From January  26-29.  2016, REYN Croatia organized a study visit to Zagreb entitled “Quality Education for the Roma Child”.

The conference titled “Better, More, Loud” / “Majit, Majella, Majorca Christ„Majbut,majlačhe,majzorale krlesa“ started the exchange of positive examples of the practice of conference participants and study visits. By the plenary session “To be what you are”, led by representatives of the International Step by Step Association, we reminded ourselves how difficult it is to be discriminated and how much it is necessary to support the most deprived and especially children. Representatives of REYN Slovenija spoke about the topic “Public service and inter-sector co-operation in the interests of the single opportunities”, while representatives of REYN Serbia spoke about models of support for Roma children of early ages within the Toys Library and Representation for Rights of Roma children within the Association of Pedagogical Assistance of Serbia. After the screening of the documentary film “The Teacher” presented the way of the teacher “Dr. Ivan Novak “, Macinac, who received the award for contributions to the exercise of the rights of the judges and equal access to quality education.

The first day of the study visit, the following activities took place:

  • Visit to kindergarten in Šandorovec, Međimurje
  • Visiting a kindergarten in Kuršanec, Međimurje
  • Visit of Primary School “Orehovica”
  • Visit of Roma settlement in Orehovica
  • The visit of the City for Education and Social Policy and Exchange of Experience

The second day of study visits:

  • Visit of Primary School “Vladimir Vidrić”
  • Visit the Croatian Parliament and talk with the representative of the Parliament for Human and Minority Rights, Mr. Veljko Kajtazija

It is important to note that the study visit and the conference left an impression on all the participants and that such a costly encouragement is to improve the way in which they work in their local self-governments. By improving local level services, we improve the quality of life and educational status of Roma children, thus contributing to the development of society at large.

We thank REYN Croatia for the invitation and organization of this meeting.

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